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Water as Gas, Filled with Salty Possibilities
04-28-2015, 05:50 AM
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Big Grin Water as Gas, Filled with Salty Possibilities
If the water as supplement for gasoline premiered in the market, it quickly received public attention and interest. This is a absolutely great way of spending less on fuel. Using water to gas conversion sets which will be intended for significantly less than $100 was great break in the constant and never stopping increase on the costs of gas. Learn further on a related site - Click here: get alkaline water.

It opened a fantastic home for likelihood of exploring other alternative energy that will help the nearly empty purses to stay within the budget for fuel and other necessities.

Then came the creation created by a old named John Kanzius that claims to create a supply of alternative fuel from salt water. Kanzius unearthed that under appropriate conditions, salt water can burn up at high temperature. Diagnosed with leukaemia in 2003, he decided to attempt to invent an improved alternative for destroying cancerous cells in the body. He developed the radio frequency generator, it's a machine that produces radio waves and focuses them into a concentrated spot destroying the tumors without damaging normal cells.

An observer realized that the RFG was producing water in a regional test tube to condense, while performing a presentations. Thinking that in the event the RFG could make water condense, maybe it could also separate salt out of seawater. Lives could be saved by an effective means of removing salt out of seawater especially in the countries which can be dying as a result of thirst. Kanzius then used his RFG with the purpose of desalinization of salt water. Throughout the first test, the water in the test tube started.

He lighted a paper towel and touched it to the water while the RFG is going towards the water, on the second trial. The test tube ignited and stayed aflame while the RFG is turned towards the test tube. Several schools tried to do the same test if it may be joke to show, nevertheless the same result happened. The salt water in the test tube ignited and stayed ignited as the RFG is pointed to it. Be taught more on by browsing our powerful essay.

But should we worry? Since the world is 70% saltwater, it's probable that waters could suddenly be aflame as a result of cigarette butt thrown to the sea? The radio waves from Kanzius RFG disrupt the stability of water, therefore releasing the hydrogen compounds. The warmth coming from the RFG ignited them and it burned.

So how is it possible to operate our automobiles using salt water instead of fuel? In 200, Hydrogen Technology Applications presented the Aquygen.

Aquygen is just a gas composed of hydrogen separated from water using electric shock. This gas when blended with standard hydrogen is thought to create a more effective gasoline than gasoline alone (from Therefore might this have paved the way for that Kanzius development? May salt water be used as ordinary water. Upon Kanzius assertions points out, that producing fuel and fire from salt water can be done. But separating air, hydrogen, sodium and chloride is required to be performed first. Then sodium may then be burned. Navigate to this web page get to study where to see this enterprise. Nevertheless, this process would consume a lot more energy that the energy that this provides.

The wonder with technology is that its a constant world of opportunities. What might be impossible today may be possible later on. In the past, using water to perform cars is apparently impossible. Who says that we must shut our doors for salt water as alternative energy?.
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